• Chabad in Milan's CenterOur Chabad House, Cultural Center and Synagogue is open to all, regardless of affiliation, knowledge of Hebrew and level of religious commitment, welcome to Naar Israel!
  • Shabbat in Milan's CenterJoin us for a one of a kind Shabbat in front of Milan's Sforzesco Castle! Friday night dinner and Shabbat morning prayers followed by Kiddush and lunch, contact us to reserve your spot, we'll be happy to have you! Contact Us
  • High Holidays in Milan's CenterAt Naar Israel you can have the full Milan experience: join us in our amazing Sukkah inside the Sforzesco Castle, or at the public Hanukkah lighting in Cadorna, or live all the rest of the holidays in a warm, friendly and house-like enviroment!
  • Learn HebrewNaar Israel offers a warm and friendly environment, where children and adults can embrace their Jewish roots while learning Hebrew and Judaism.
Founded in 1996 by Rabbi Shalom Elmaleh z"l, Naar Israel is a Chabad House, Cultural Center and Synagogue located in the heart of Milan's Center, right in front of the Sforzesco Castle, in Piazza Castello n°5. Naar Israel is open to all, regardless of affiliation, knowledge of Hebrew and level of commitment. Our Chabad House offers weekly Shabbat services and meals, unique High Holidays (have you seen our Sukkah inside the Sforzesco Castle?) in a warm, joyous atmosphere, you'll feel comfortable and at home in this heimish enviroment.
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  • What Can the Word “Shabbat” Teach You?More Than Enough Read More
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